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Garcia twitter deisy Queens Dad


Mejia-Ramos grabbed another knife and stabbed her multiple times in the torso, chest and back, they said.

  • Young women were selected as references, because Garcia, Pratt and Matthew Wolfe believed the victims were more likely to believe other young women over Garcia or Pratt.

  • Most of the videos created as a part of the conspiracy were shot at hotels or short-term rental units in the San Diego area.

Queens Dad Pleads Guilty in Stabbing Deaths of Wife, Young Daughters

Garcia and Pratt created Craigslist advertisements, along with fake websites and email addresses consistent with the websites to cause their victims to believe that they were applying to work asclothed models.

  • Before some of the video shoots, victims were offered alcohol or marijuana.

  • Deisy Gomez began working for the Terezakis Law Firm in April 2017.